16. How will my culture and values be included in my child’s treatment and services plan?

We love this question! SKILLS-ATPE understands research has stated all behaviors are culturally embedded, everyone has a cultural, ethnic, linguistic and racial identity, and that no behavior is ever independent of social or environmental context. Our professional therapy staff will never assume their perspective and priority is the same as the families perspective. Furthermore, we understand that teaching styles, methods and curriculum materials are culturally embedded which is why our SAT method will be tailored to each client through changing, bending and revising to meet the needs of each individual client’s needs. For example, research states that verbal language is more important to Anglo-European cultures, whereas self-care is more important to Hispanic and African cultures. Another example is eye contact is an insult in some cultures whereas it is valued and important in others. We will teach each child/individual not just based on their need, but based on how their culture influences their need in their autism diagnoses.