About Us

SKILLS – Autism Therapy & Parent Enrichment (SKILLS – ATPE) vision was founded by an autism mother who partnered with a Board-Certified Board Analyst (BCBA) and an attorney. Our ultimate goal is to provide behavior intervention that is person-centered, family driven and culturally responsive. All treatment plans are tailored to the child and family’s needs.

We wholeheartedly believe that families are our best and greatest assets. Here at SKILLS – ATPE, parents/families are equal partners in every aspect of their child’s treatments and services. Parents and families are at the decision-making table for the skills and the therapy that will be provided to their child. We consider and include families’ cultural background as well as the challenges and concerns surrounding implementation of the individual treatment plan (ITP). We understand autism is a complex medical condition and want to make it easy and smooth for our families and clients. In addition, SKILLS – ATPE coordinates with the client’s other services, such as county, education, speech, occupational therapy as well as community resources the child is accessing.

We teach each individual to their best outcome and full potential while enriching parents and families. We thank you for your interest and welcome you to our comprehensive and holistic programs and services.

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